”Olainfarm” will protect its rights to use trademarks “MIDOLAT®” /”МИДОЛАТ®” in Latvia


It has been almost one year since “MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®” are the registered
trademarks of Olainfarm in Latvia. Meldonium produced by “Olainfarm” is
becoming well known and gaining popularity in several countries also under the
trade mark “Vazonat®”. Olainfarm confirms that the district court of Riga has
assigned temporary means of protection by seizing and recalling from
distribution all medications of the Olainfarm labelled with textual
designations “MIDOLAT®” un “МИДОЛАТ®”, as well as by prohibiting the use of the
textual trademark “MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®” in commercial activities of Olainfarm.
Although, so far not a single unit of „MIDOLAT®” has been sold in Latvia,
Olainfarm intends to protect its trademark rights.

„The loud attack of JSC “Grindeks” on Olainfarm#ins_quot2#s trademarks of
“MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®” was full of insults, which is yet another proof that
actions of JSC „Grindeks” are desperation driven. JSC “Grindeks” would be glad
to prohibit everyone to produce the generic version of Mildronats, including
the production of “MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®”. Registration of trademarks in the
Republic of Latvia is done by the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia – a
competent governmental institution, which makes its decisions basing not only
upon applications, but also conducts relevant tests and analyses. With its
outcry, JSC „Grindeks” insults not only Olainfarm, but also the experts of
Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia who registered the trademark of
“MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®” in Latvia. JSC „Grindeks” itself was very little
preoccupied with honesty, fair competition and respect for reputation when
choosing the name for its product which had only one letter difference from
that of „Remantadīns”®, (registered trademark of Olainfarm for 15 years) and
using Chinese made API in the production of it. It must be noted, that despite
all the investments in the trademark of „Remantadīns” ® , Olainfarm brought up
no claims against JSC „Grindeks”. Obviously that good will of Olainfarm was
mistakenly taken by JSC „Grindeks” for the sign of weakness. We do respect JSC
“Grindeks” and its IP rights, however, in the conditions of the free
competition we will not submit to their obvious dictate and will protect our
right to use our trademarks of “MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®”. Besides, all these
activities will cause us some damages, which, however insignificant, will be
fully recovered from the failed party,” says Salvis Lapins, member of
Olainfarm#ins_quot2#s Board.

Olainfarm expresses its disappointment with the fact that its colleagues from
the company that for the present is the biggest producer of medicines in Latvia
by the volume of sales, in times when its sales have been dropping several
quarters in a row, instead of actively working at new markets and new products
are getting involved in challenging a trademark of “MIDOLAT®”/”МИДОЛАТ®”
registered nearly one year ago and in using such inappropriate methods as
seizing the inventory.

It must be noted that only a court can declare anyone guilty. Therefore we
have reasons to believe that JSC „Grindeks” has been disrespectful, by
distributing their opinion about legality of Olainfarm#ins_quot2#s activities. This is a
clear attempt to damage the long built reputation of Olainfarm. However, the
intentions of JSC „Grindeks” to protect its formerly exclusive and successful
product, by prohibiting or preventing any other producer to launch similar
medicine are understandable.

Information prepared by
Salvis Lapins
JSC “Olainfarm”
Member of the Board
tel. +371 6 7013717,
Cell: + 371 2 6448873
Fax. + 371 6 7013777
E-mail: slapinsh@olainfarm.lv