AS Olainfarm requests LCD to prepare complete shareholders register for securing of preemptive rights for the new share issue


AS Olainfarm shall on April 13, 2007 request the Latvian Central Depository of Securities (LCD) to prepare in accordance with the LCD regulations on determination of holders of financial instruments a complete register of shareholders of AS Olainfarm as of April 26, 2007 in order to secure the use of shareholders#ins_quot2# preemptive right to purchase shares, subject to the annual general shareholders meeting#ins_quot2#s approval of a new issue of shares. The nominee account holders must disclose shareholder identities in order for them to use the preemptive right to subscribe for the shares. The last day of trading before completion of the shareholders register is April 23, 2007.   


Olaine, April 11th, 2007


Prepared by

Salvis Lapinsh

Deputy CFO

JSC Olainfarm

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