Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament V.E. Volodimirs Litvins visited JSC „Olainfarm”


On March 30th, 2005, between 9.00 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. a Chairman of the Ukrainian

parliament V.E. Volodimirs Litvins with his delegation paid a visit to Latvian

medication manufacturer JSC „Olainfarm”. A visit to JSC „Olainfarm” took place in

the framework of V.Litvin’s official visit to Latvia and this was the only representative

of Latvian manufacturers, towards which Ukrainian state leaders expressed interest

in visiting.


Taras Havriluk, the Leader of the Commercial and economic mission of Ukrainian embassy

in Latvia:


The decision has been taken to visit exactly Joint Stock Company „Olainfarm”, because

the company has close and fruitful connection to Ukraine.


Firstly, medications of JSC „Olainfarm” are popular among Ukrainian consumers and

acknowledged among doctors and pharmacists. The company has strong positions at Ukrainian

market of pharmaceutical products and it holds one of the leading places among foreign



Secondly, JSC „Olainfarm” is actively supporting Ukrainian cultural and social events

in Ukraine as well as in Latvia:

  •  takes part in Ukrainian state anti-tuberculosis program by supplying preparations to

  the hospitals;

  •  provides humanitarian aid by offering necessary medications (for example, in March of

  2001 the company helped victims of floods in western Ukraine);

  •  in September of year 2004 JSC „Olainfarm” participated in celebrations of 13th

  anniversary of Ukrainian Independence in Latvia by supporting organization of Ukrainian

  artists’ Oleg Pinchuk and Sergej Pojarkov exhibition in Riga.


Thirdly, JSC „Olainfarm” is working with the newest manufacturing equipment. The company

is certified in accordance with European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), USA inspection

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ISO 14001:1996 requirements which is promoting

maintenance of the image of the positive Latvian manufacturer in Latvian – Ukrainian mutual

economic relationships.


Tatjana Lukina, Member of JSC „Olainfarm” Council:


Ukraine is one of most important sales markets of JSC „Olainfarm” products. This country

for many years now is taking persistent third place from the overall sales amounts of

the company. Sales growth of JSC „Olainfarm” products on Ukrainian market makes around

30% a year.


For the sixth year now a function of representative of JSC „Olainfarm” in Ukraine is

performed by company „Olfa”. Approximately 70 medicinal representatives are occupied with

promotion of  JSC „Olainfarm” medications on the territory of whole Ukraine: in Kiev,

Dnipropetrovs’k, Doneck, Odessa, Vinnic, Lvov, Krim etc. JSC „Olainfarm” is cooperating

with Ukrainian scientists in development of new preparations. For example, this year the

promotion in Ukraine has been initiated for new medication „Olatropil” which is the joint

development of Ukrainian academic Gromov and JSC „Olainfarm”.


During coming years JSC „Olainfarm” is planning:

* to expand assortment of products for Ukrainian market and start sale of medications

already well known in Latvia such as „Gripofleks”, ‘Furasol”, „Rimavir” children’s

formulation for „Remantadin” and many more.

* to participate in state oncological program with anti-cancer product „Ciklofosfan”.


Today we really are pleased and honored to welcome Ukrainian parliament delegation and

its Chairman V.E. Volodimir Litvin at our manufacturing plant. And I am hoping that visit

of Mr. Litvin shall even more add to trust to JSC „Olainfarm” products at Ukrainian market.