Comment to information given to mass media


Today BNS has published an interview with JSCOlainfarm” Chairman of the Board which may contain some information significant for investors and shareholders as well.

JSC „Olainfarm“ plans to double its sales within the period of the next three year.  Forecasts of the company are based mainly on current markets and product portfolio, and do not include sales of new products, cooperation with international pharmaceutical company in production and sale of memantine to the world markets.  Forecasts also do not include possible governmental purchases.


In 2007 JSC Olainfarm plans to sell its products worth 4 million lats to Latvian market.  Attainment of this target will be helped by two new products that are undergoing registration in Latvia at the moment.  The products namely are Tamozine for treatment of prostate diseases and Karvadiol for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


Within the next two years JSC Olainfarm plans to invest 18 million lats in Company’s development. About 5 million lats of them will be targeted at development of new products, the remaining amount will be used for development of ampoule production, extension of warehousing space and increased energy capacities.


Olaine, March 8th, 2007


Prepared by

Salvis Lapinsh

Deputy CFO

JSC Olainfarm

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