Comment to interview of Mr. V.Maligins to newspaper „Telegraf”


JSC „Olainfarm” has previously announced that in 2006 it is planned to complete reconstruction of chemical manufacturing and certification according to standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. Due to clarifications of the company’s plans and explanations provided by Chairman of the Management Board of JSC „Olainfarm” Valзrijs Maligins in the interview to newspaper „Telegraf” (published on March 23rd, 2006), we are informing about company’s planned investment mounts  in 2006-2007.

After reconstruction of the chemical manufacturing it is planned to reconstruct experimental manufacturing site as well. Along with that reconstruction of laboratories will continue as well as their supply with new equipment, which has been already completed for some laboratories. For execution of these plans in 2006-2007 the company in total is planning to invest approximately 5 millions of lats (7,11 millions of euro).