In 2006 JSC „Olainfarm” is planning to develop a new direction service rendering


In year 2006 JSC „Olainfarm” is planning to develop a new direction service

rendering – to offer laboratory services to the clients. These laboratory services

will include physical and chemical quality tests, as well as tests on microbiological

 cleanness, sterility and bacterial endotoxins indices.

The range of use of the mentioned laboratory tests is very wide – starting with chemical products, medications

 and food supplements and ending up with tests of manufacturing facilities and

personnel. Presently JSC “Olainfarm” is mainly carrying out these laboratory analyses

for its own needs, but in the future it is planning to satisfy needs of other clients

 as well.

In 2004 laboratories of JSC „Olainfarm” have been reconstructed: modern equipment has

 been purchased and installed, a new and corresponding working environment has been

created. It gave a possibility to certify laboratories in accordance with requirements

 of good manufacturing practice and facilitated a possibility starting with year 2005

to perform analyses for other clients as well. At the end of year 2005 it is planned

to complete equipping the laboratory with additional analytical equipment which is

going to raise its capacity even more.

This type of laboratory services is presently very required in Latvia, but capacities

of existing Latvian laboratories are not enough to satisfy all the demand.

JSC “Olainfarm” employs qualified and professional specialists in its laboratories,

 which allows to secure a high quality level of the provided services. At the basis

of laboratories’ operation is assuring testing process by introducing quality system

in accordance with requirements of LSV NE ISO/IEC 17025 standard, by applying quality

 control of testing methods, process management, and by complying with principles of

good manufacturing practice.

Management of JSC „Olainfarm” is planning an additional income from this new business

direction is going to be around 150 000 lats already in year 2006.