JSC „Olainfarm” announcement concerning results of issue of registered shares


By present Management Board of JSC „Olainfarm” is informing that the issue of 3 000 000 registered shares offered to the existing shareholders of the company has concluded. The applications for underwriting to issued shares has been submitted by 79,6% from the existing shareholders of the company. Request for shares has overreached the offering wherewith in the result of the issue the underwriting for all shares of the issue has happened.

Evaluating the total demand, price flexibility, as well as following the set objective – to provide underwriting to all shares with the maximal possible price, Management Board of JSC „Olainfarm” on June 16th, this year, has fixed the offer price at Ls 1,05 per one share. The size of additional means which are supposed to be gathered in result of this issue, is amounting to 3,15 mln. Ls. It is planned to forward the mentioned funds to modernization of the manufacturing premises and equipment, as well as to development of the products portfolio. The Management Board of the company is evaluating results of the issue positively and considers that attracted financial means will speed up development of JSC „Olainfarm”.


Liaison person for additional information:

Inga Liscika

Member of JSC „Olainfarm” Management Board,

director of financial department

+371 7013706