JSC „Olainfarm” has organized the international neurologists conference


On February 24th in Riga has taked place the international united neurologists, family doctors and other practitioners’ conference. The conference has been devoted to the problems of nerve illnesses and injury treatment. For the last ten years in Latvia this has been the first such a large-scale conference  for the practitioners with intended participation of the great number of foreign nerve illness treatment specialists. The conference „Separate aspects of nerve system illnesses and injury treatment” has been held by Joint Stock Company „Olainfarm” with support of Latvian Neurologists society.

High level neurologists and university faculty members from Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine have visited Latvia, present reports on their researches and shared their experience. Among other speakers there have also been academician of the Latvian Science academy, professor Vija Zaiga Kluša, associated professor Ināra Logina, professor Raisa Andrēziņa, Head of Orthopaedic department at Rīga Stradina University Rolands Gibners.

According to State agency of health statistics and medicine technologies data, brain blood-vessel deceases is the second cause of death in Latvia in year 2004. Excessive stress, unhealthy working conditions and unfavourable social environment as well as genetic factors still support high level of nerve system illnesses not only in Latvia but also in other countries. For the past five years (2000 – 2004) the number of hospitals’ patients with illnesses of peripheral nerve system has increased more then twice. Therefore, Latvian practitioners also have a great interest of newest directions of treatment of these diseases.

Conference has provided the opportunity to meet, renew and build up new contacts between nerve illnesses specialists, practitioners and university faculty members from six different countries. The further aim of creation of this west-east bridge is life quality improvement and support for patients with nerve – illnesses.

On February 25th a seminar on future progress of treatment (mainly medicament) of neurological and psychiatric illnesses has been held. These subjects have been highlighted by academician of the Latvian Science academy, professor Ivars Kalviņš and professor of Ukraine Pharmacology and toxicology institute Leonid Gromov. Mentioned seminar has been destined for the narrow in-group of nerve illness specialists and academicals pharmacologists.