JSC „Olainfarm” has presented Solomon Hiller scholarships


Latvian Education fund special purpose program „For education, science and culture”

(hereinafter called LEF Program) has been funded in 1993 and is the first national

special purpose program for supporting students of Latvian varsities. General purpose

of the program is to support serious students especially those studying exact sciences.

The aim of LEF Program and JSC „Olainfarm” is to secure development of Latvian pharmaceutical

 chemistry and chemical technology science and solution of Latvian science and population

education problems. For achievement of this aim, one of the missions LEF Program is to unbind

and encourage creativity of Latvian youth and take care of its productive use and development


Encouraging scholarships are awarded in tender procedure for one semester. Within the Solomon

Hiller scholarship framework JSC „Olainfarm” will pay a scholarship in amount of 50 LVL to

 5 students Dina Ribena, Andrejs Petuskovs, Imanta Bruvere, Anastasija Kotova un Linda Supe

 from University of Latvia and Riga Technical university.

In total 11 students with their works have applied in the tender for the Solomon Hiller

scholarship. Tender has been serious because comparatively few students study in this field

of chemistry.

Solomon Hiller is a person of figure in the world of organic chemistry in Latvia. He has been

 a chemist with a bright organizational talent who has devoted his life to the synthesis

of biologically physiological active compounds. In the second part of the 50th he has founded

 the Institute of organic synthesis which successfully operates nowadays as well. Owing to the

 Institute a range of cardio stimulators and anti-cancer remedies have been created.

JSC „Olainfarm” is happy to support students in fields of pharmaceutical chemistry and

synthesis of biologically active substances and it will invite more and more students to

 apply for the tender, thus encouraging future successful cooperation.