JSC „Olainfarm” president Valerijs Maligins receives „Cooperation partner 2005” award


On January 6th, this year, president of JSC „Olainfarm” Valerijs Maligins received an award of Latvian Free labour union – „Cooperation partner 2005”. This award has been established last year and presented for the first time this year by Latvian Free labour union in cooperation with its branch labour unions.

The award „Cooperation partner 2005” has been presented to 28 nominees – labour unions’ cooperation partners in year 2005. Latvian Free labour union has set a target to establish, positively value and make public those cooperation partners of every field, including employers, who in year 2005 have been most successful in solving or crucially improving socially economical position of the employees at work or at place of residence, successfully formed social dialogue with the labour unions and reflected it in the mass media.

JSC „Olainfarm” president Valerijs Maligins has been nominated and received the award in the category „private enterprises”. Mr. Maligins has been proposed as the best cooperation partner by Industrial sector labour union and nominated by the deputy chairman of the Latvian Free labour union Egils Baldzens. Contribution of nominated person has been analysed and was proposed specifically for nomination of most successful cooperation with labour unions in 2005 and the nominee has been evaluated by comparing his personal achievements in cooperation area with cooperation in the previous periods.

As it is emphasised by JSC „Olainfarm” president V.Maligins: „Both: labour unions and big enterprises, nowadays have the same goal – to improve social conditions of the employee, raise salaries, secure improvement of employees’ labour safety. Both: labour unions and big enterprises, aspire to improve social position of the employees, trying to reach European level as soon as possible. To reach it, the business itself has to be on the European level, which we are striving for. Because this is the only way we can take care of our employees and future of our company”.