JSC „Olainfarm” receives 1 place in „The Best packaging in Latvia 2005” contest


On November 9th, 2005, a contest „The Best packaging in Latvia 2005” has closed.

 Already for the ninth year the contest is hosted by Latvian Packaging

association. This year’s awarding has clashed with 10th anniversary of the

 Latvian Packaging association. Prizes have been awarded at the closing of the

 contest in Reiters building.

JSC „Olainfarm” has participated in the contest for the first time this year.

Two performances have been submitted in two categories: Sales packaging for

non-food products and Presentation packaging. Packaging of anti-allergic

 treatment Cirtol has been submitted in the first category; in its turn,

presentation materials of the anti-allergy medication Fenkarol: Fenkarol gift

bag and Fenkarol stand have been submitted under the second category.

First appearance at the contest has turned out very successful for JSC „Olainfarm”.

 In the nomination of presentation packaging JSC „Olainfarm” has received an

 honorable first place. Presentation materials have been made by LLC „Apgвds Kodols”,

the author of construction and design is Gunta Ozolina. In nomination of sales

packaging for non-food products JSC „Olainfarm” has received an acknowledgement

for packaging of anti-allergy preparation Cirtol. The author of Cirtol packaging

 construction and design is JSC „Olainfarm” designer Viktorija Barkova.