JSC „Olainfarm” takes 3.place at the „Made in Latvia” contest


On March 10th, this year, „Made in Latvia” contest ran by the bar-coding organization „GS1 Latvija” has concluded, where the most exportable products of year 2005 have been evaluated. The contest is held for the eighth year and 47 companies with 170 products take part. The organization is holding this contest in order to establish the most exportable product of the past year – the Latvian product sold most in the retail outside Latvia. The products with the recognizable Latvia name on the packaging and marked with the barcode exported from Latvia or moved out to European Union member states could have been applied for the contest.

JSC „Olainfarm” has taken third place in this contest, taking part with the following medications: anti-bacterial treatment Furagins, anti-histamine special treatment preparation Fenkarol and nootropical treatment with day tranquilizer properties – Noofen. Medication Furagins is exported by JSC „Olainfarm” to Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, in its turn Fenkarol and Noofen is exported to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Such contests provide possibility for the company to prove itself among domestic companies and indicate the products of the companies are recognizable outside the borders of Latvia as well.