JSC „Olainfarm” will supply Norway with anti-viral medications


JSC „Olainfarm” in the tender procedure has received the right to supply

rimantadine hidrohloride (Remantadin ®) to Norway for creation of governmental

reserves in case of flu pandemic. Presently a contract is concluded according

 to which JSC „Olainfarm” has to supply within 8 month the amount set out in

this contract – 24 millions of tablets.

Presently rimantadine hidrohloride is exported to CIS member states,

Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania and Georgia. In Latvia the purchase is being prepared

for governmental reserves in case of flu pandemic.

Turnover of JSC „Olainfarm” in the first two month of 2006 makes up

 to 2 418 457 lats, or is by 33% greater then in the corresponding period of

year 2005. Sales plans of the Company for year 2006 estimate to achieve

16 100 000 of lats or to be by 31% greater then the previous year. Presently

 the Company is operating according to the approved plan – the sales plan

performance has reached 102%.

Taking into account the uproar in the mass media concerning different flu varieties,

 it is often questioned if JSC „Olainfarm” will be able to manufacture required

amount of rimantadine hidrohloride. Manufacturing abilities of the Company are

not endless, however, presently the Company does not see any agiotage or increase

 of demand on the traditional JSC „Olainfarm” markets. The same is true about

Latvia. The amounts of rimantadine hidrohloride sold in Latvia this season are

in accordance to the prognosis, and if people will address this question rationally

and will not start creating unnecessary reserves, then no problem will arise.

It is reminded that storage term of Remantadin is 5 years.

We would like to furnish some explanation with regard to different researches

of vaccines’ and anti-viral medications’ influence on flu virus, which presently

are extensively carried out and discussed. We consider that results of theses

 researches are often unreasonably served in mass media as sensation, however,

significance of these researches and other conditions always must be carefully

evaluated. The main thing to be taken into account with regard to these researches

 is that those are carried out on the subject of human flu and bird flu viruses

presently circulating. The problem here is that pandemic, most probably, might be

 caused by completely new virus, which will develop in result of mutation of

existing human flu and bird flu. This means that no one can presently say what the

 specific virus will be. Therefore, presently it is not possible to develop the

vaccine or define which medication will be most effective in case of pandemic,

and all statements, that one or another medication will be more efficient, are

 speculative in nature. Creation of vaccine will require 5-6 month from the moment

when virus circulation starts. Within this term the virus will be able to get

around in a very wide regions and the only possible protection might be 4 anti-viral

 medications presently in use. Therefore, also WHO (World Health Organization) has

suggested to create reserves of these medications in order to secure protection for

at least 25% of residents in each country.

In Latvia as well the researches of presently circulating viruses have been carried

out, results of which will be available after the end of this year flu epidemic or

when the necessary amount of research materials will be reached. However, results

presently available indicate that rimantadine hidrohloride is still efficient for

treatment of A type human flu virus and corresponding virus has not become resistant

to the mentioned medication. Therefore, the concerns expressed by scientists at

the end of last year based on virus genetics researches preformed in USA, have not

been confirmed in Latvia.

JSC „Olainfarm” considers that Latvian residents are sufficiently instructed and

 have shown understanding with regard to creation of medications’ reserves in case

of flu. Judging by demand for rimantadine hidrohloride up to now, it has been

purchased for actual routine needs during the flu epidemic and unnecessary reserves

have not been created. We are calling upon mass media to serve received information

 after its evaluation, best when previously consulting with specialists, in order

 not to create any unwanted uproar. Specialists of our Company have as well never

 tried to enhance tension, but to do it other way around – supplied mass media with

information reflecting the real situation. From all mentioned above, we hope that

 further on there will be no such situation as in many other countries where

 anti-viral medications are bought off the pharmacy stores in inadequate amounts.