Minister of Health pays a visit to Joint Stock Company „Olainfarm”


Today, on October 24th, Gundars Berzins, the Minister of Health of the Republic of

Latvia pays a visit to Joint Stock Company „Olainfarm”. The main goal of the visit

 is meeting with the management of the company and sizing up the potentiality of the

company’s participation in fighting against possible flu pandemia. During the visit Ministerof Health and representatives of press will as well examine new manufacturing circuit of JSC „Olainfarm”.

As it is known, JSC „Olainfarm” is manufacturing the popular anti-virus remedy Remantadine®, as well as some other medications which should be used for treatment of flu and its complications. Due to the society concerns about possible flu pandemia JSC „Olainfarm” has prepared its own proposition on supply of medications for creation of corresponding state funds. This proposition will be submitted today for review by specialists of Ministry of Health.