Olainfarm#ins_quot2#s antivirus medication Remantadin is registered in Poland


On October 13th, Medicines Registration Agency of Poland has registered

 popular antivirus medication Remantadin® manufactured by JSC „Olainfarm”.

Medication’s registration process usually is a long one and in this case it

required work of two and a half years.

Along with registration of medication the company acquires rights to deliver and distribute it in the corresponding country. JSC „Olainfarm” is planning to immediately start delivery of Remantadin for the needs of Poland’s market so that at the beginning of the flu season it is available in the pharmacy shops in Poland. It is planned that even before end of this year deliveries of Remantadin for the Poland market will reach approximately 500 thousands packs. These plans are confirmed by the huge interest to the purchase of this preparation on the side of the Poland companies, because presently there are almost none analogical preparations on the Poland market.

Presently the last stage of registration process for preparation Furamag® manufactured

by JSC „Olainfarm” is carried out in Poland. The company plans to start deliveries

of this preparation this year as well.

Owing to successful marketing activities and favorable situation on the market the

management of JSC „Olainfarm” already now has increased its net turnover forecast

from 12 millions Ls to 13 millions Ls. Presently the results of activity of the

company for the last 9 month are being prepared, which will be published in the

second part of November along with corrected annual results forecasts.