Reorganization of JSC „Olainfarm” R&D Department


Starting new year 2006, JSC „Olainfarm” carried out reorganization of R&D Department. R&D Department has been divided in two new structures – Department of Drugs manufacturing development and Department of Chemicals manufacturing and development. Before that both mentioned structures have operated within one department. 

Department of Drugs manufacturing development will manage the development of new drug forms on the basis of new active pharmaceutical ingredients, optimization of existing products’ manufacturing and preparation of documentation for registration and re-registration of new and existing finished drug forms. Department of Drugs manufacturing development will be headed by Jeпena Borcova, who has been employed with JSC „Grindex” and its daughter company JSC „Tallinn pharmaceutical plant” for the last 15 years. J. Borcova has been a member of the Management board of „Tallinn pharmaceutical plant” and Project manager, as well as in year 2001 she has been elected to the position of the Chairperson of the company’s Council. In Joint Stock company „Grindex” J.Borcova has been employed as head of the manufacturing department, as general director, as director of finished drug forms business structure, as well as she has been the member of the Management board and Chairperson of the Management board.

Department of Chemicals manufacturing development will be occupied with development of new pharmaceutical synthesis half-products, development and introduction of active pharmaceutical ingredients, preparation of technological documentation for registration of the mentioned products in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. The department will as well be occupied with sale of chemical products and organization of cooperation with existing and potential scientific partners. Department of chemical manufacturing and development will be headed by Dr. chem. Aleksandrs Cernobrovijs, who has worked for JSC „Olainfarm” since 1975. He has taken position of director of department of chemical manufacturing development and planning, as well as the one of director of manufacturing development department. He is a member of the Management board.