Meldonium olainfarm


Product INN: Meldonium

Deva: 250 mg capsules

Product ATC Code: C01EB

Product Description

Meldonium Olainfarm is a medicine used in
- complex therapy during recovery period after disorders of the cerebral circulation and head traumas;
- decreased work capacity, physical and psycho emotional overload.
It is recommended for use in combination with other medicines.

Product Mechanism of Action

Meldonium Olainfarm contains meldonium dehydrate (further in the text referred to as meldonium), which is a structural analogue of gamma-butyrobetaine, substance found in the body cells.
Meldonium positively affects energetic metabolism of the organism and moderately activates the central nervous system.
Under the conditions of ischemia (oxygen deficiency in tissues), Meldonium Olainfarm restores energetic balance between oxygen delivery and its consumption in cells, activating those metabolism processes that need less oxygen for energy creation. Meldonium dilates the blood vessels improving blood supply to the body tissues. Meldonium Olainfarm also exerts cardioprotective effect (heart protection) under the conditions of ischemia and oxygen deficiency. Meldonium decreases the frequency of angina pectoris attacks (chest pain) and increases physical activity In case of heart failure the medicine improves myocardial (the heart muscle) contractility and increases tolerance of the organism to physical overload.
In cases of acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disorders Meldonium Olainfarm optimizes cerebral blood flow redistribution in favour of ischemic areas.
Meldonium Olainfarm possesses CNS (central nervous system) stimulant activity. As a result the medicine improves memory, ability to concentrate and movement coordination.


Capsules should be swallowed unbroken, with sufficient amount of liquid.

The recommended adult daily dose of 500 mg (2 capsules) is used once a day in the morning or it may be divided into two single doses. It is recommended to take the medicine in the first half of a day, as it can cause agitation (feeling restless).


Before use, carefully read the instructions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the use of medicines.
Medicines unreasonable use is harmful to health.