Product INN: Sequifenadini hydrochloridum

Deva: 50 mg tablets

Product ATC Code: R06AX

Product Description

Acute and chronic allergic diseases: pollinosis, allergic rhinitis, rinosinusopathy; medicines, foodstuffs, chemicals, dust, animal hair, insect bites, air pollution or other allergen-induced allergy. Allergic origin itchy skin and other diseases with itching (allergic and atopic dermatitis, vasculitis, neurodermatitis, red flat lichen, etc.). Allergy prevention (before seasonal exacerbations) and supportive therapy.

Product Mechanism of Action

Sequifenadine hydrochloride (hereinafter in the text sequifenadine) is a H1-receptor antagonist, it also moderately inhibits HT1 receptors of serotonin, thus decreasing the activity of allergy mediators histamine and serotonin. Histamine causes clinical manifestations of allergic inflammation: oedema (capillary permeability increases), skin hyperemia (vessels widening), skin itching and ache. Bicarphen is not only H1-receptor antagonist, but it activates enzyme diaminoxidase that splits endogenous histamine due to this decreasing quantity of histamine in tissues. In case of allergic diseases, the level of serotonin is increased in blood. Serotonin has an effect on the specific serotoninergic receptors, increases blood pressure, causes bronchospasm, increases vascular permeability and forms edema many times more active than histamine. Furthermore, serotonin enhances histamine, bradykinin and other allergic mediators’ toxic activity and causes rhinitis. Sequifenadine prevents or decreases the histamine and serotonin intoxication, bronchoconstrictive activity of histamine and spasmogenic effect of histamine on smooth musculature of bronchus, intestines, vessels; disturbances of vascular permeability and oedema development. Sequifenadine has pronounced prolonged antipruritic and antiexudative qualities.
Sequifenadine has an effect on immunologic reactivity of the organism, decreasing the quantity of cells forming antibodies and rosette forming cells in spleen, marrow, glands, and also it decreases elevated concentration of A and G classes immunoglobulin.
Insignificant quantity of sequifenadine crosses blood-brain barrier. It does not have pronounced CNS inhibiting effect, though there could be observed a moderate sedative effect in separate cases of individual increased sensitivity. Sequifenadine does not change blood and urine biochemical characteristics, does not have an effect on blood pressure, ECG characteristics, sugar and cholesterol concentration in blood and characteristics of electroencephalogram.


Bikarfen® 50 mg tablets is taken orally right after meals drinking water.
Adults: Acute and chronic allergic diseases: single dose is 50-100 mg 2-3 times a day. Usually the therapeutic effect is observed after 3 days from the start of treatment with Bikarfen®.
Treatment course lasts 5 -15 days, if necessary the course of treatment may be repeated.
Prophylaxis and supportive therapy: 50 mg twice a day. For prophylaxis the preparation should be taken 2 weeks before the expected allergic reaction.
Bikarfen®50 mg tablets may be used alone or in combination with preparations of local administration (nasal drops, eye drops and ointments).


Before use, carefully read the instructions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the use of medicines.
Medicines unreasonable use is harmful to health.