Product INN: Protionamidum

Deva: 250 mg film-coated tablets

Product ATC Code: J04AD01

Product Description

Protionols® is used for multidrug-resistant (resistant to many drugs) tuberculosis treatment only in combination with other drugs envisaged to treat tuberculosis, if there is known mycobacterium tuberculosis susceptibility to Protionols®.

Product Mechanism of Action

The active substance of Protionols® 250 mg film-coated tablets prothionamide belongs to the group of medicines, which are called antimycobacterial agents.


Protionols® tablets are used orally after meals.

Concomitant medicinal products used to treat tuberculosis and treatment duration will be determined by your doctor, tuberculosis treatment and prevention specialist. All medicines should be used with a doctor prescribed doses on a regular basis and during the indicated period of time. Irregular, chaotic drug use or involuntary termination of treatment contributes to the progression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance.
Adults dose is 250 mg (one tablet) three times a day. In case of good tolerability of the drug– a dose of 500 mg (two tablets) two times a day (1 g a day).
Patients over 60 years and patients with body weight less than 50 kg: daily dose should not exceed 750 mg (more often – 250 mg 2 times a day).
Data for use in children are limited.
Use in children under 14 years of age is not desirable.
Patients with impaired renal function (glomerular filtration rate is below 30 ml/min), and patients on hemodialysis: the dose is 250-500 mg a day.
Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment can last up to two years.


Before use, carefully read the instructions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the use of medicines.
Medicines unreasonable use is harmful to health.