Product INN: Inosinum

Deva: 200 mg film-coated tablets

Product ATC Code: С01EB

Product Description

Active substance of the medicine RIBOKSĪNS inosine promotes metabolism in body tissues, mainly myocardium.
Heart coronary diseases, cardiac infarction, stenocardia, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, for the complex treatment of rheumatic heart diseases; for prevention of heart rhythm disorders that occur due to the use of cardiac glycosides; a complex treatment of liver diseases (hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver dystrophy) caused by poisoning with drugs or alcohol.

Product Therapeutic Indications

The complex therapy for prophylaxis of ischemia and mitigation of its effects, in particular in case of cerebral stroke, microcirculatory and pancreatic damage prevention in case of acute necrotizing pancreatitis.
As an antioxidant and radio-protective agent during radiation therapy.


Take the medicine orally before meals.

The initial dose is 200 mg 3-4 times daily. The daily dose is 600-800 mg. If the drug is well tolerated, the dose may be increased gradually within 2-3 days until 1200, 1600 or 2400 mg daily. The course of treatment can last from 4 weeks to 1.5 - 3 months.

Patients with renal impairment should use this drug cautiously because of the risk of hyperuricaemia.
Elderly patients should begin with the lowest daily dose that can be increased gradually with caution.


Before use, carefully read the instructions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the use of medicines.
Medicines unreasonable use is harmful to health.