Fenkarol 25


Product INN: Quifenadini hydrochloridum

Deva: 10 mg tablets; 25 mg tablets; 50 mg tablets

Product ATC Code: RO6AX

Product Description

Fenkarol ® Tablets is indicated in cases of pollinosis, acute and chronic urticaria, seasonal rhinitis (hay fever), allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, angioneurotic Quinqe’s edema, dermatosis (eczema, neurodermatitis, pruritus etc.), allergic reactions caused by food or medicines.


Product Mechanism of Action

Quifenadine hydrochloride is an antihistaminic agent (quinuclidine derivative), it decreases the impact of histamine on organs and systems of organs. Unlike other classical medicines of this group, quifenadine hydrochloride has the unique mechanism of action: the preparation both blocks histamine H1-receptors in the peripheral tissues, and activates enzyme diaminoxidase (histaminase), due to this decreasing the histamine concentration in tissues. Therefore, the efficacy of quifenadine hydrochloride in patients, who are tolerant to other medicines of antihistamine group, could be explained.
Quifenadine hydrochloride is low lipophilic drug, therefore, it poorly crosses blood-brain barrier, slightly affects desamination processes of serotonin in brain, as well as activity of monoaminooxidaze. Quifenadine hydrochloride decreases toxicity of histamine, prevents or decreases bronchoconstrictive action of histamine and spasmogenic effect of histamine on smooth musculature of intestines, decreases hypotensive activity of histamine and its effect on vascular permeability. Quifenadine hydrochloride possesses mild antiserotonin and light cholinolytic activity. The preparation has pronounced antipruritic and desensitization qualities.


Fenkarol ® is taken orally right after meals.

Fenkarol ® 25 mg Tablets and Fenkarol ®50 mg Tablets
For adults: single dose is 25-50 mg 2-4 times a day. Maximum daily dose is 200 mg.
For children older than 12 years: 25 mg 2-3 times a day.
The duration of the course of treatment is 10-20 days. If it is necessary, the course of treatment may be repeated.

Fenkarol® 10 mg Tablets
For children: till the age of 3 years the dose is 5 mg 2-3 times a day, at the age of 3-7 years - 10 mg twice a day, at the age of 7-12 years - 10-15 mg 2-3 times a day. The recommended daily dose may be divided into 4 single doses. Treatment course lasts 10 - 15 days. If it is necessary, the course of treatment may be repeated.


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