Product INN: Meldonium

Deva: 100 mg/ml solution for injections

Product ATC Code: C01EB

Product Description

Meldonium Olainfarm is used
- Complex therapy of cardiovascular system diseases: stable angina pectoris, chronic heart failure (NYHA I-III functional class), ischemic cardiomyopathy (uninflammatory heart muscles disease), during recovery period after cardiac infarction;
- Complex therapy of acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disorders, during recovery period after cerebrovascular disorders, and head traumas.


Product Therapeutic Indications

Meldonium Olainfarm positively affects energetic metabolism of the organism and moderately activates the central nervous system.
Under the conditions of ischemia (oxygen deficiency in tissues), Meldonium Olainfarm restores the energetic balance between oxygen delivery and consumption in cells, activates those metabolism processes that need less oxygen consumption for energy creation. The medicine has a vasodilating effect, improves blood delivery into tissues.
Meldonium Olainfarm exerts expressed cardio protective effect under the conditions of ischemia and oxygen deficiency. Meldonium Olainfarm decreases stenocardia spasms’ frequency (strong painful spasms in heart) in patients with stenocardia, and increases the physical activity. In case of congestive heart failure, the medicine augments myocardial contractility, increases tolerability to physical load.
In cases of acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disturbances Meldonium Olainfarm ameliorates cerebral blood flow in the ischemic region, promoting redistribution of blood flow in favour of ischemic zone.
As a result of Meldonium Olainfarm effect on CNS the memory, concentration ability and movement coordination are improved.


In view of a possible development of exciting effect it is recommended to take the drug in the first half of the day.

Complex therapy of stable angina pectoris and miocardium infarction: i/v 500-1000 mg once daily. Treatment is proceeded using the medicine Meldonium Olainfarm 250 mg capsules 500-1000 mg daily. Treatment course is 4-6 weeks.
Complex therapy of acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disorders: i/v 500 mg once daily during 2-3 weeks. Treatment is proceeded using the medicine Meldonium Olainfarm 250 mg capsules 500 mg daily. The average treatment course is 6 weeks.

Patients who have or had liver and /or kidney diseases should use the medicine with caution.
Meldonium Olainfarm is not recommended for children till 18 years of age.


Before use, carefully read the instructions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about the use of medicines.
Medicines unreasonable use is harmful to health.